If you're looking to rank for more than 25 keywords or want to rank for very competitive search terms, we recommend scaling up our SME solution to accommodate.

For example, if you're looking to have daily content published on-site with more backlinks, we would prorate your subscription to be $99 x 7 ($693/mo) 

This would cover - 

Daily Articles Published On-Site
7x More Backlinks Through Custom Outreach
In-Depth Optimization with Daily A/B Testing
175 Target Keywords

Scaling our service is a great solution for businesses that want to rank on Google for the long-term on multiple search terms. We focus intensely on the keywords provided to us, which is why we ask for 25 per plan.

By scaling up our SEO solution, it allows us to work on a wide variety of content & backlinks that will help you to rank highly for multiple keywords.

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