With Ranked, we help you to scale your agency & retain clients for the long-term. 

When combining our software and service, retaining clients is no longer a hassle. Clients want clarity, a clear work output & transparency into what's being done.

Most SEO agencies provide - 

  • No Optimization
  • No Weekly Content
  • Low-Quality Backlinks 
  • PDF Reports

With Ranked, you're able to provide - 

  • In-Depth On-Site & Technical Optimization
  • Weekly Content to Publish On-Site
  • High-Quality Backlinks through Custom Outreach
  • Modern SEO Software with Daily Scans & Reports

Because of this, you're able to retain your clients for the long-term and deliver results consistently. 

Content - 

Google highly prefers websites that publish content consistently on-site, because of this, we provide weekly blog articles to publish that are optimized, formatted correctly & indexed highly through unique titles & headers.

Our content is also meant to be read, not just to rank highly on Google. With high-quality content, you're able to acquire visitors that will stay on your site for a long period of time. This results not only in conversions, but it will also improve your bounce rate, average time per user & site ranking on multiple keywords.

Google needs to know that you're an active, high-quality site. If you haven't got a community of users doing this for you, high-quality content creation is the best method. 

Backlinks - 

Most SEO agencies will outsource to a company like FatJoe, The Hoth or Fiverr to purchase backlinks at an affordable price & to make a high margin. If you're looking to retain your clients for the long-term, this strategy won't work. 

Backlinks from third party providers are usually through PBN's (Private Blog Networks) -- websites that the third party provider will solely own & control. Because of this, the links lower in quality over time & can also be removed after some time has passed.

At Ranked, we only conduct custom outreach for links, we contact media & blog sites in your industry to acquire high-quality, long-term backlinks either through broken link replacements or guest posting. 

Our service works as a two-pronged approach. Content published on-site will convey to the outreach sites that you're a high-quality site to link to. This results in higher conversions from sites that have genuine traffic & are industry relevant. 

Optimization - 

On-Page SEO is detailed, technical & confusing to the average business. The lack of transparent tools for reporting results in clients having no clue on what's being done by their SEO agency, which results in cancellations.

With Ranked, we make optimization incredibly transparent. Through our auditor, we're able to scan for all issues, errors & warnings on-site (Powered by Moz). When our optimization specialists are finished, we rescan the auditor to provide a clear, easy to understand comparison report. 

Your clients need to know what's going on to stay with you for the long-term, Ranked provides all of this & more to help you succeed for the long-term.

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