At Ranked, we strive to please & provide results for all of our clients.

Most of the time, this is possible when we have complete control over the implementation of our service. But, there can be an exceptional case where we either might not impress you as much as we'd like to.

We provide a flexible subscription for small businesses & agencies to scale up their SEO efforts. Because we are month-to-month, you're not stuck in a lengthly yearly contract.

You can see our Terms & Conditions here but for a TLDR: We don't provide refunds when our service has been implemented correctly unless it's specifically our fault for a decrease in rankings. 

Many businesses have used SEO services in the past which can result in short-term decreases in your rankings. If we have access to reoptimize your site, the approval to publish our content & the ability to disavow spam links. We should see a significant recovery.

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